Dismantling corrupt and criminal networks that prey on the vulnerable.

A New Way to Fight Crime and Corruption

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CINTOC is a a strategic intelligence organization made up of experienced investigators, analysts and advisors. 

CINTOC provides innovative solutions to governments, industries and communities fighting crime and corruption problems that seem unsolvable. Our unique approach attacks systems that allow illegal networks – from rogue states to wildlife smugglers – to thrive. CINTOC focuses on points of criminal convergence, forging alliances among groups facing a common threat, advocating for change at the highest levels, and supporting law enforcement partners to take direct action against grand scale corruption and organized crime.

CINTOC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in Washington DC. 


It all started when…

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In 2012, CINTOC’s Executive Director Gretchen Peters visited Africa and witnessed the extent to which elephants and rhinos were being poached. Drawing on her previous experience as a journalist investigating the criminal networks funding the Taliban, she realized these atrocities were being orchestrated and financed by international organized crime. The conservation community needed a new approach to more effectively fight the problem and save the species from extinction. 

Her previous work with the U.S. government and as an investigative reporter and author brought her inside the world of criminal supply chains moving drugs, guns and money around the world. She recognized that many law enforcement tactics failed to have the desired impact, and in many cases served to make criminal problems worse. 

The idea behind CINTOC was formed – dismantle the criminal networks and the systems that support them.  The mission was clear, identify the network, find it’s vulnerabilities, and advocate for action. 

With a team of talented, like-minded authorities on transnational crime and corruption, she founded CINTOC, an NGO dedicated to helping governments, institutions and communities fight grand-scale corruption and transnational organized crime more effectively. 

Our first projects focused on the criminal supply lines moving ivory and rhino horn from Africa to Asia. While saving animals is not our only competency, it remains one that is close to our hearts.