Dismantling corrupt and criminal networks that prey on the vulnerable.

CINTOC in the Media


Sept 2017

 “Human beings have a strong tendency to fight problems where they are visible. This intuitive and usually well-intended response ...often produces inefficiencies and can result in spreading greater harm.”

The Curse of the Shiny Object / Read Full Article


April 2018

 “I have looked at thousands of posts containing ivory, and I am convinced that Facebook is literally facilitating the extinction of the elephant species.”

Gretchen Peters quoted by Associated Press / Read Full Article


May 2018

Watch CINTOC Executive Director Gretchen Peters testify in front of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Other Media


New York Post explains "One of the largest black markets for animal parts is on Facebook."

Truth Out reports that "Facebook is Profiting from Illegal Wildlife Traffickers."

QZ reports that "Thanks to Facebook, the ivory trade is alive and well."

Bustle explains "Zuckerberg's Ivory Problem."

The Intercept reports that a Drug Kingpin with ties to the CIA and the Taliban was set free.

The UK's Sun reports on the Wildlife Trade on Facebook

Care2Care reports that "Facebook is Profiting from Illegal Wildlife Traffickers."