Dismantling corrupt and criminal networks that prey on the vulnerable.

Our Solution


Law enforcement often pursues illicit activity through a bottom-up approach, targeting low-level criminals whose crimes are easy to identify and prosecute.

This means there is no lasting, strategic impact. 

At CINTOC, we support our partners to identify and interdict the high-level criminals, and to dismantle the corrupt systems that allow their criminal activity to flourish. We take a three-pronged approach: 


We have adopted a systematic approach to bring together different agencies, firms and NGOs that are fighting the same crime problem but have not previously collaborated. Roundtable sessions build confidence between often-unlikely partners, who learn to share data as we work together to pinpoint vulnerabilities in the target threat networks. The roundtables result in analytic products that can be legally handed over to law enforcement and industry to take action. The result is that criminal networks now have fewer places to hide in global financial and transport systems.  


CINTOC works with industries, intelligence services, policymakers, law enforcement agencies and NGOs to focus their efforts on points along illicit supply chains where disruption will have profound and lasting impact. We support our partners to tighten regulations and improve technology to track the illicit goods and we work behind the scenes at the highest levels of government to advocate for law enforcement action.


We produce investigative products that fuse on-the-ground intelligence with quantitative and qualitive data. These products, including civil complaints, network analyses and investigative briefings, put law enforcement in the position to take direct action against criminal and corrupt networks. By directly supporting law enforcement, CINTOC raises the risk and cost for criminal networks and corrupt officials to do business.