Dismantling corrupt and criminal networks that prey on the vulnerable.

Our Solution


Law enforcement often pursues illicit activity through a bottom-up approach, targeting low-level criminals whose crimes are easy to identify and prosecute.

This means there is no lasting, strategic impact. 

At CINTOC, we support our partners to identify and interdict the high-level criminals, and to dismantle the systems that allow their criminal activity to flourish through a 3 prong approach.


We bring together different NGOs and law enforcement organizations fighting the same transnational threat in different parts of the world - often unaware that other groups are fighting the same problem - to build partnerships and counter threats globally.   


We use our partnerships with NGOs, policymakers, and law enforcement to impact transnational illicit activity at points where crime activities converge. We work behind the scenes to advocate for law enforcement action at the highest levels of government. 


We conduct global investigations to map out criminal supply chains and pinpoint vulnerabilities for disruption. We provide direct support to law enforcement and private partners to bring about law enforcement results.